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Yeppi! (Ebook #7)

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“Honeybear felt a shiver run down her spine and kept her eyes firmly fixed on the place where she’d seen the black shape. For a few moments she strained to see in the darkness, before letting out a cry as the shape took flight, wings spread, and headed straight for her.

“YEPPI! YEPPI!!” she cried out, raising her arms and waving them above her head to try and keep the Yeppi away.

In the seventh story of the series, Honeybear and Gerumph make a long trip to the sea for the first time. On their way they call in on Tweezer, a bear who tells them their journey will take them through an area of the forest legend says is haunted by a creature called a Yeppi!

Eventually, the two friends reach their destination, where they help a dolphin stranded on the beach who can’t get back to the water. But their efforts put Gerumph in deadly danger and it will be up to Honeybear alone to save him.