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Mysterious Footprints (Ebook #3)

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Suddenly, Honeybear jumped in the air, shouting: "What's that? What's that?" as something stretched across her face.

"What? What?" Gerumph called out, turning to his friend in the darkness of the cave, the sound of their voices echoing all around them.

"There's something on my face," Honeybear cried out, trying to rub it away with her paws.

"Come back outside," Gerumph shouted. "Come quickly." 

Our third story starts with two strange events. The first is when mysterious footprints are found in the mud by a nearby stream. Gerumph suggests that Cato the owl might know about the footprints and they should go to see him.

The second strange event is that Potting the pine marten has disappeared. The animals start a search for Potting, worried because for him to disappear like this, something bad must surely have happened. 

And when two men appear in the forest it quickly becomes clear they have a sinister purpose. But what exactly? The animals don’t really know.

When they find out, Honeybear and Gerumph need to come up with a clever plan to stop them. A plan that must succeed.