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A Rainbow (Ebook #4)

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“Oh, look,” said Castor. “There’s a rainbow. Isn’t it pretty!”

“Shush,” Gerumph said, at once. “No talk about rainbows. Honeybear doesn’t like them.”

“Really!” said Castor, in surprise.

“Yes, really,” said Honeybear. “We saw a rainbow yesterday and, soon after, a bad thing happened to one of the herons.”

She stared up at the sky where the rainbow shimmered brightly. “I wonder what bad luck this new rainbow will bring?”

In Book 4, Honeybear and Gerumph meet a hare called ‘The Amazing Crosby’, a traveling showman with a skilful act as both a juggler and magician. But is he also a creature with a dark side? Someone who could prove very costly to all the animals in the forest? The answer soon becomes all too apparent.

Meanwhile, Gerumph is amazed when a heron called Padrona speaks to him for the first time. Even though the herons live close by, they have never tried to talk to Honeybear or Gerumph, something that has always puzzled them.

But the reason for this sudden change soon becomes clear when Padrona explains that Skarp, the heron she lives with, is in danger and she badly needs their help to save him.