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Strange Noises (Ebook #9)

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“I’m sorry to say that, if what Shaar says is true, it seems your mother was captured in the forest and taken away in a truck.” said Gerumph.

“I know,” said Honeybear. “I feel sad just thinking about it.”

 “A gate,” Shaar said. “That’s what I see. With a fence going off on either side and a long dusty path beyond leading towards a house.” He gave a sort of sigh. “On the gate is a crest with a red circle. Underneath are the words: RED CIRCLE RANCH.”

“And my mother,” Honeybear couldn’t stop herself from asking. “Do you see any sign of her?”

In book 9, Tiffin the monkey finds himself tricked out of the food he’s been gathering in the forest. When he sees an otter being tricked in the same way, he wants to stop the thieves but knows this might put him in grave danger.

In another part of the forest, Honeybear and Gerumph are searching for Burbleberries when they hear about a parrot called Shaar who may be able to help them find Honeybear’s mother. She and Gerumph set off on a perilous journey to find the parrot, eventually leading them to a dangerous ravine they must climb. If they can reach the parrot’s home, will their perilous journey be worth it?

And all the while they keep hearing strange noises. Very strange noises indeed. Who, or what, could be making them?