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Copenhagen Headband Recipe

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Looking for a quick hat project? How about the Copenhagen headband, which keeps the ears warm, but doesn’t cover the top of the head? This is perfect for those who never want to wear a hat.

The Copenhagen Headband recipe is like a pattern, but not quite.  I’ve sprinkled guidance and tips throughout the written instructions. There is a schematic, plus eight charts.  I’ve got you covered here! Using this format I can more quickly (it is relative!) write up a pattern and get it knitters. This is something I have knit myself, and this has not been tech edited by a third party.

A recipe has all the elements of a pattern, I just get to do what I want–like when I cook.  I have added comments and notes about why I’ve chosen to do things a particular way, or how I think you might want to proceed.In this pattern I have linked to Elemental Affects so you can read about Cormo before you make a substitution.

I have linked specific techniques to my website where I thought someone might want to click through. In this small piece (it uses about 30g of yarn) you will encounter the flexible long-tail cast on, incR and incL, k1 picking up floats, and flat 3-needle bind off.

For more information about the Copenhagen Headband Recipe pattern here on

And find more Jill Wolcott Knits® patterns here on PayHip.

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