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Somerset Stole

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Somerset stole is a modified wing-span shawl, combining two main stitch patterns, with a third used as balance and borders. The two main stitch patterns have different row multiples, so I’ve used German short rows to accommodate that, and to give some gentle shape to the main body of Somerset.

I love long shawls, but they can be a little hard to manage, so the shaping makes this easy to wear long, or wrapped. Note how the Arrowhead lace is used in a large stitch multiple along one long edge, as a part of the main body, then in a smaller stitch multiple to finish the top edge. I love to “see what’s inside” stitch patterns, and the vertical borders came from the Slip Stitch Cable.

This can be a one- or two-skein project, dependent on the size choice and the amount of knitting you want to do.

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