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Access to Video Testimonial Superchargers

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I'm running a one-week course on
  • why video testimonials make your business stand out in a powerful way
  • how to show up looking better and more professionally in front of the camera
  • getting more video testimonials for yourself

The goal is to get clear on what it takes to shoot good video the easy way, to communicate this to future clients without awkwardness (you'll get a guide to give to your clients with lots of helpful tips they can use in their business as well) and practice testimonials.

Who knows, you might connect with another business owner in the group and exchange testimonials. Or at least get practice and clarity on what you need testimonials do for you.

To get access to the exclusive and time limited facebook group, you need to purchase your entry ticket here.

Start: 29 April (running for a week)
Where: Exclusive facebook group
You will get a PDF (28KB) file
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