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FOLK TALES OF BRITTANY - 15 illustrated children's stories

A great read for children in summer and for reading around a crackling hearth on a cold winter night!

We have to thank Elsie Masson for collecting these tales. These have been drawn from the French province of Brittany which includes St. Malo, Brest and Rennes as its principle cities.

Herein you will find 15 folk and fairy tales drawn from this region. These may even seem to be a refreshing new find for, you, the reader. Most have not made it into mainstream Western folklore, but nevertheless are still well known in Brittany. Even if you haven’t read some of these stories, you can rest assured that all will entertain with their content and Thornton Oakley’s abundant illustrations are bound to fire young imaginations.

In this volume you will find Stories like:
The Castle of Comorre
The Basin of Gold and the Diamond Lance
Lady Yolanda's Thimble
The Witch of Lok Island
Little White-Thorn and the Talking Bird
Princess Ahez and the Lost City
The Changeling
The Foster Brother
The Hunchback and the Elves
The Four Gifts
The Magic Rocks and the Beggar
The Country Bumpkin and the Hobgoblin
The Wasp, the Winged Needle and the Spider
Yannik, The Fairy Child
The Hazel Scepter

So, after you have downloaded this unique volume, find a comfy chair, sit back with your reader and a steaming hot beverage and be prepared to be entertained for hours.

10% of the profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charities.
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