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5 Profitable Digital Products to Sell Online and Quickly Make Money

Last updated: October 5, 2022

In 2019, nearly half of Americans reported having a “side hustle”: a job they did or a product they sold that could generate additional income. This year, side hustles that allow creators to sell digital products online can help lessen some of the financial strain and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can augment your income by converting your talent (or quarantine hobby) into a lucrative side hustle. Here are five digital products to sell online and make money quickly.

5 Profitable Digital Products to Sell Online

1. eBooks

If you’re an excellent writer with a big idea to share, convert your skill into cash by selling eBooks online.

What they are: eBooks are digital publications. Their content can range from marketing pieces and thought leadership for your company to personal narratives to novels.

Why sell them: If you’re a talented writer, selling your work online can provide quite a bang for your buck. There are endless options for the type of content eBooks can cover and the number of topics that will interest potential readers, so writing an eBook is an option for myriad interests.

And you don’t have to stick to one genre. Writer Joanna Penn, for example, has authored both novels and nonfiction works, as illustrated below.

joanna pen store

Moreover, eBooks are inexpensive to produce. Creators don’t need pricey tools or software to create their products—they simply need to write well and be able to convert their work into a downloadable (usually PDF) file. Consequently, the cost of many eBooks is little more than the author’s time.

Most authors price their eBooks between $2.99 and $9.99. With the right pricing and a large audience, these are good margins that can help you make money quickly. Indeed, eBook sales revenue is $1.02 billion annually.

Tips for eBook creators: 

  • Think twice before publishing on Amazon. The company is very well-known, yes, but it will also claim a huge percent of your royalties. If you choose to sell your book directly from your own website, you retain full control of the process—and the profits.
  • Maximize your profits by creating a series of eBooks. Serializing your content is a great way to generate recurring revenue and engage your audience.
  • Once you’ve launched your eBook, make sure you have a comprehensive marketing strategy to optimize revenue. Be sure your readers can find (and buy) your book!
  • Set up a book funnel: an effective marketing strategy for authors that generates leads, or potential customers.

2. Music

Instead of uploading your music to YouTube and allowing listeners to access it for free, sell it online and make money from your talent.

What it is: Files—often MP3 or wav format—created either for fans of your music or for other creators looking for royalty-free music to include in their A/V projects.

Why sell it: A huge market exists for digitally downloaded music; digital music revenue is projected to reach $9.265m in 2021. Both pleasure listeners looking for new favorites and content creators seeking royalty-free tracks are constantly on the hunt for new tunes.


If you’re a talented musician, you have a range of product options at your fingertips. You can sell sound clips, loops, or full songs for a variety of buyers at a range of prices. If you want to share your music with the world, you should profit from your passion.

Tips for music creators: 

  • Sell your music on your own site. Third-party vendors will claim a sizable percentage of your sales. iTunes, for example, takes around 30% of sales, which can hamper your growth potential.
  • Determine your optimal pricing strategy by conducting market research. Will you charge for each individual download? By monthly subscription? Understanding your customers and their purchasing patterns will help you select the best approach.

3. Online Courses

If you have expertise to share, creating and selling an online course can be a profitable avenue for additional revenue.

What they are: A class offered online, whether pre-downloaded or conducted live via video conference.

Why sell them: More than perhaps any other industry, the COVID-19 pandemic has made an incredible impact on the education sector. eLearning, which was already growing in popularity, is here to stay.

This presents a lucrative opportunity for instructors, particularly as the global online education market is projected to be worth $319+ billion by 2025. With current opportunities to gather and learn in-person becoming increasingly rare, both students and hobbyists are interested in expanding their horizons with eLearning opportunities. What’s more, you have infinite possibilities for the content of your course.

Tips for course creators: 

  • Bundle your course with other downloadable assets (like an eBook, for example) for more revenue-generating opportunities.
  • Course prices are widely variable. Be cognizant of how much time you’ve invested in creating the course, and price it accordingly.

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4. Social Media Presets

Though in-person meetings and travel have slowed in recent months, people all around the world are still using social media to connect with one another. If you have a knack for design, sell your social media presets to content creators to make money quickly.

What they are: Graphic designers and artists can use Adobe’s Lightroom to create pre-made filters (“presets“) that influencers, photographers, and filmmakers can use in their work and on social media.

Why sell them:  Demand for high-quality social media imagery continues to grow. A Harris Poll from this past spring reported that between 46% and 51% of US adults had increased their social media use since the start of the pandemic. While social media influencers in industries such as travel and fashion took an initial hit, business has boomed for influencers in the healthcare, food, and fitness industries. They need high-quality, attractive presets so they can maintain their social media output.

Alternatively, if you’re an influencer looking to diversify your sources of revenue, you could sell presets you’ve already created and that you already use.

Tips for preset creators: 

  • Organize your presets into themed bundles so users don’t have to sift through each individual filter before they click “Add to cart.”
  • Price your presets appropriately for your target customers. Some will be willing to spend over $100 for a bundle of presets, while others will only have a few dollars to spare.
  • Sell your presets on your own website. If you sell them on a marketplace like Etsy or Adobe Add-ons, you’ll be subject to terms that can change quickly.

5. Photography

Turn your talent for photography into a lucrative side hustle by making your photos available for digital download.

What it is: Fine art or royalty-free photography for purchase by art enthusiasts or marketers and content creators.

Why sell it: A huge market exists for both fine art and commercial photography. The global digital photography market is projected to reach $48.9 billion by 2021. If you’re a talented photographer, you can seize some of that sum.


Modern marketing departments, web designers, and content creators are always seeking high-quality, non-stock photos. If you already have a high-end camera and some talent, you can make money easily without spending an additional dollar. A single stock photo costs, on average, between $1 and $15. If you can generate enough downloads, you can realize healthy margins.

Tips for photographers: 

  • Price your photos appropriately based on the quality and differentiation of your work. Buyers are willing to pay more for higher-quality photos.
  • Determine your optimal pricing strategy by conducting market research. Will you charge for each individual download? By monthly subscription? Understanding your customers and their purchasing patterns will help you select the best approach.

What’s your digital product to sell? Turn your passion into profit

Now is the time to convert your talent into a sustained revenue stream. If you have a particular skill—from music and art to writing and instruction—you can convert it into a digital product and make money quickly.


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