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Ali Luke

How to Sell Notion Templates

Last updated: September 19, 2022

Want to sell digital products … without having to invest hours (and lots of money) into creating them? A full-scale video course requires investing in specialist recording equipment, and a ‘how to’ ebook might easily be 40,000 – 50,000 words: that’s a lot of writing. There are lots of digital products you can sell, often based around something you’ve already created, like your own recipes, graphic design assets … or Notion templates.

Notion is a productivity app that you can use for project management, note-taking, or almost anything else you want. Its flexibility makes it really powerful – but creating or customizing all your own templates can take time. This means there’s a great marketplace for ready-made templates.

What Are Notion Templates – and Why Sell Them?

Notion template for sale

Notion templates are pages (often sets of pages) that can include images, tables, databases, and much more. They can range from simple templates with one purpose to templates that involve lots of linked pages and additional features. Notion templates can be used again and again. Some people simply create templates for their own use, but others create templates to share – or to sell. You could sell templates that you’ve created for your own use, or you could create templates that you know other people want. If you’re fairly new to Notion, you’ll want to develop your understanding and your Notion skills. Try these:

What Type of Notion Templates Should You Create?

notion templates So you’re ready to create a Notion template to sell … but what type of template should you work on? Here are four questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do you already have a business or a blog? Then think about your brand or blogging niche and come up with template ideas that would tie in with that. For instance, if you run a parenting blog, you could create a Notion template for family meal planning and grocery shopping.
  2. Have you already created a digital product? Consider bundling a Notion template with it as a bonus. For instance, if you have an online course about becoming a morning person, you could have a Notion template based around a morning routine.
  3. What problems could you solve – or what needs could you meet? Maybe you’ve created a set of pages in Notion that you’ve found really helpful, and others might love to use those too.
  4. What does your audience want? If you have an email newsletter or social media following, run a poll – or simply ask for ideas.

Here are some of the most commonly used Notion template categories:

  • Design
  • Education
  • Health and Wellness
  • Marketing
  • Planning
  • Startup
  • Engineering
  • And more!

How to Create Your Notion Template

To create a Notion template to sell, you’ll need to:

  • Choose an existing page or template that you’ve created – or start from scratch.
  • Build your template block by block. Give yourself plenty of time; you might want to experiment with different ideas.
  • Test your template carefully to make sure everything works. This is especially important when it comes to databases and tables.
  • Spend some time on the design of your template: you want to make it look good. Even simple things like tweaking colors and adding icons can make a big difference.
  • Include instructions within the template explaining how to use it. You might include these as a linked subpage, a “Getting Started” page, a sentence or two of text at the top of your template, or whatever makes the most sense for what you’ve created.

How to Sell Your Notion Template

If possible, sell your Notion template directly to customers … not just through a marketplace. Why? Because you want to be able to develop your own brand. If someone buys your template from a marketplace, you’re building the marketplace’s brand, not yours. Plus, selling direct lets you keep a larger share of the profits. You’re also less likely to lose out to competitors: after all, if your template is on a big marketplace, it’s showing up next to other templates that people might buy instead!


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Here’s your step by step guide to selling your completed template online:

1. Publish Your Template to the Web

Click the ‘Share’ button on the top right of your Notion account. Next, toggle the “Share to web” button on. Once you’ve done so, you’ll see additional options: You should make sure that:

  • “Allow editing” is set to “off”.
  • “Allow comments” is set to “off” (unless you want customers to be able to leave comments publicly on your template).
  • “Allow duplicate as template” is set to “on” – this is how your customers will get their own copy of the template.
  • Search engine indexing is set to “off” – you don’t want your template to appear publicly on the web.

2. Create a PDF or Other Downloadable Document

In this document, you’ll need to include the link to your template: you can get that by clicking “Copy” next to the link that’s directly under “Share to web”. It’s also a good idea to include brief instructions on using the template, plus a reminder to customers not to share the link with other people.

3. Create a New Product in Payhip and Upload Your PDF

sell digital products on payhip Tip: If you don’t yet have a Payhip account, it only takes a minute to register – and you can do so for free.

In your Payhip account, go to the Products tab then click the ‘Add new product’ button. Next, select “Digital Product”, and you’ll be taken to the screen where you can add your product details. Click the “Upload product file” button to upload the PDF you created. Then, fill out the title and other details for your template.

4. Decide What to Charge for Your Notion Template

Notion templates can be very simple or very complex, so you might charge anything from $5 to $100+. It’s a good idea to look at other templates for sale that are similar in size and scope to get a sense of how to price yours.

5. Upload At Least One Image of Your Template

Payhip lets you upload up to 9 images. You should always upload at least one image of your template, but the more images you add, the better your template will sell.

6. Use the “Embed Button” Feature to Sell Directly from Your Website

You don’t need your own website to sell on Payhip, as you get a Payhip online storefront for your products. But many Payhip sellers do sell from their own sites, using Payhip’s seamless checkout process. To do this, find your Notion template product in the “Products” tab of your Payhip account. Then, click the “Share/Embed” button: You’ll then be able to create your button under the Embed Button tab. Choose the color and text you want, and choose between Direct Purchase or Add to Cart. Then, get the embed code for your button, and follow the instructions to add this to your website.

How to Develop Your Brand: Marketing and Promoting Your Notion Template

Putting your Notion template up for sale isn’t the final step! You’ve still got work to do in order to bring customers to your template. You need to be proactive in marketing your Notion template: people can only buy it if they know it exists – and they’re most likely to buy if they believe it will be useful to them. You could:

  • Create videos or blog posts that take people through how you use the template. This could be particularly useful for templates that have lots of different features.
  • Get testimonials from other people who’ve tried your template and who’ve found it helpful. You can also encourage and display customer reviews in Payhip.
  • Run sales or offer a special discount coupon. You can create coupon codes by going to Marketing → Coupons in Payhip.
  • Create an affiliate program to encourage other people to promote your templates. (Affiliates get a percentage, determined by you, when they drive a sale of your product.) Your affiliates need to register using a special link, which you can find in the Marketing → Affiliates area of your Payhip account.

Take the first steps in creating your Notion template today: you can use Notion and set up a Payhip account completely free of charge. In a week or two, you could easily have your first template ready to sell.


Can you sell Notion template?

Yes, you can sell Notion templates. In fact, there is quite a sizable market for these.

How much can you make selling Notion templates?

You can sell individual templates or a set of templates as a pack. The pricing would depend on whether your templates require your specific skill sets to put together (e.g. engineering sprint templates) and various other factors. But in general, you can sell the templates for anywhere between $10-$150.

Where can I sell Notion templates?

You can sell Notion templates using Payhip. It’s 100% FREE. You do not need to have any technical expertise in coding. You can sell the Notion templates directly from your Payhip store, or embed the products on your own website.

How do I start a selling Notion template?

  1. Sign up for a Payhip account (100% FREE, no monthly fees).
  2. Follow the steps on this blogpost to create your own Notion templates
  3. Create product listings on Payhip to sell your Notion templates
  4. Start selling your Notion templates to your audience


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