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Abs Farah

Migrating From Plasso

You might have heard Plasso has joined GoDaddy and Plasso will be winding down their service and it will come to a complete end on January 14th, 2019. Congratulations to Drew and the team at Plasso. They’ve really built a great product.

If you are a Plasso customer, you might be looking for an alternative to migrate to. Well you’re in luck! We believe Payhip is a perfect alternative to Plasso that you can migrate to.

Legacy Spaces

If you’re using the legacy “Billing” or “Membership” Spaces, then all your subscriptions and customer data is stored in Stripe. Since we also use Stripe Connect, you can simply create a Payhip account and connect your Stripe account and re-create your memberships. Then new customers can subscribe to your membership/subscription on Payhip and your existing customers will still get charged as normal as the data is already in your Stripe account.

New Spaces

If you’re using new Storefront Spaces, then the team at Plasso will be creating a subscription exporter in the coming few weeks where all your data will be moved to Stripe. This will mean that the migration will be as simple as the above. As soon as the exporter is available, we will update this page with more information.


Here is a short demo of what our subscription/membership checkout flow looks like. Our checkout flow can be hosted or self-hosted. This means we offer a dedicated storefront if you need it, or you can simply integrate Payhip directly into your website.


You can find more about our memberships feature and digital downloads features here. You can also look at our support section to see how to create subscriptions or memberships on Payhip.

We will be updating this page as soon as new information is available from Plasso.


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