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New Feature: Coaching Products

Last updated: December 31, 2022

With Payhip, you can add digital, physical and subscription products to your store. We’re excited to announce a new member of the family – coaching products.

Do you manage clients for 1-to-1 or group coaching sessions? Then it can be very stressful to handle payments, schedule meetings and keep on top of communications for all your clients. Our new coaching product feature makes the entire process a breeze.

With the new coaching feature being released today, you’ll have access to a suite of powerful tools that will make your life much easier. We can help you:

  • Collect payments
  • Schedule meetings
  • Setup video calls
  • Share upcoming events
  • Communicate with clients

We also directly integrate with both Calendly and Zoom to assist with scheduling meetings and video calls – but you can also connect any other service.

If you’re new to the coaching industry and are just starting our, see our Ultimate Guide to Starting an Online Coaching Business guide.

Here’s the process a coaching client will go through:

  • Visit your coaching sales pages and select a pricing plan
  • During checkout the client can create an account
  • Waiting for them in their account, they’ll see their first milestone
  • Anytime the client wants to get in contact, they can leave comments on the milestone and you can share files with each other from there
  • If you have a new event, or want to let clients know about upcoming events then you can add as many new milestones as you’d like to their account. They’ll be emailed about any new milestones you add and can stay in the loop

There’s a lot more things under the hood, and we’re confident it will be super useful for anyone who needs to manage coaching.

To get started with coaching, login to your Payhip account, visit your Products page and click on the “Add new product” button. You’ll see a new  “Coaching service” product type option from there.

For more information about getting started with coaching, please see this article.


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