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New features: Affiliates, Send to Kindle + more!

Last updated: November 18, 2014

Just like you wonderful authors, we are working hard to prioritize what we should be working on next. No one wants to work on something that isn’t going to be useful to anyone!

But we’ve had help from you a few months back on what we should be working on. We’re thrilled so many authors are using Payhip and we can’t wait for you to try out the new features we are announcing today! The new features are as follows:


This has been a feature that has been asked for many times and we finally have it ready. You can invite affiliates to help you promote your ebook. These affiliates can be your friends, family and anyone else you feel comfortable to promote your ebook for you. Currently, affiliates have to be invited. In future, we will open this up so that anyone else can request to be an affiliate. Learn more.

Send to Kindle

Your readers now have the option to send their purchased ebooks directly to their Kindle! This greatly improves the buying experience for those that have a Kindle. Learn more.

Improved analytics

We now show conversions for each referring website. This will help you decide on what marketing channels to double down on. In addition, we have added a map to show which countries visitors are visiting your buy page from!

Custom ‘thank you’ emails

You can now add your own message and subject to the emails we send to your buyers that contains their download link. This is a great way to thank them personally and to let them know how to stay in touch with you. It is also a great opportunity to up sell them on your other books. Learn more.

Support section

We get a lot of emails each day from our wonderful users with questions and we love it when you reach out as it is always a learning experience for us. To be more helpful, we’ve decided to compile the most common questions and created a help section. We hope you’ll find it useful! Learn more.

You can start using all of these features right now so login in to your Payhip account!

We’d love to hear what you think, so comment below and let us know!


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