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New Features: Themes And Sections

We’re working hard to keep on improving Payhip, building the features that will help you make your store a success.

We’re happy to be announcing some new features that will help make your store better match your branding.

1) New Themes

For the longest time you’ve only had 1 theme to work with which was far too limiting. We’ve now introduced 7 new themes that you can choose between to help put your branding front and center.

Visit this page to see all the available themes and if you’d like to switch themes please see this article.


2) New Sections

We’ve also added some new section types:

Embed Code Section

Embed HTML/JS code from any third party platform on your store – from instagram posts, music players, video embeds and much more. This section helps make your store more interactive by integrating embeds from any service online. The only requirement is that you would need to have a custom domain enabled on your store.

Ticker Section

Do you have some information for your store visitors that you’d like to make prominent? The ticker section would be perfect for this. You can display some text that will continuously scroll across the page, making it easy to notice. You’ll also be able to link to a page from this ticker to provide a clear call-to-action.



Video Section (V2)

With the newer version of the video section you’ll be able to display a high quality thumbnail of the video which fits in naturally with the rest of your store. Visitors can click this thumbnail to reveal the video in a slick way. A far better approach which is more responsive than the older video section.

Collage Section

A collage section lets you place products, collection, images and videos in a side-by-side approach which gives your store a nice design flair. Here’s an example of how it can look like:

You can preview this section type on the Cream Theme

Double Image Headline Section

This is another type of section that helps make your content stand out.Β  Your content has a background of two images which can complement eachother. Here’s an example below:

You can preview this section type on the Echoes theme

3) Header Call To Action Button

Sometimes you might want to immediately draw the attention of visitors to something on your store. For example you might have launched a new product, or would like to make it super clear to visitors that they can book your services. Now you can add a button to your header to help with these kinds of scenarios.

You can visit your store builder, click on the header section, and then next click on the “Elements” link. Finally you can check the “Show call to action button” checkbox.

4) New Languages

We now have support for Arabic, Norwegian and Swedish. We’ll be working on more languages in future for sure – watch this space!




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