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Welcome! I'm Pam Laricchia, long-time unschooling parent, host of the Exploring Unschooling podcast, and author of multiple books about my unschooling experience and the insights I've gleaned about learning, parenting, and relationships along the way.

You can buy my ebooks and audiobooks at all the major online retailers (or get them free from your local library app), or buy on this store to support me directly! Thanks for your support and enjoy the read/listen!

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What is Unschooling? audiobook


The Unschooling Journey: A Field Guide


Free to Learn: Five Ideas for a Joyful Unschooling Life


Free to Live: Create a Thriving Unschooling Home


Life through the Lens of Unschooling: A Living Joyfully Companion


Living Joyfully with Unschooling Box Set


Libre d'apprendre: Cinq idées pour vivre le unschooling dans la joie


Libre para Aprender: Cinco Ideas para una Vida Unschooling Alegre


Livre para Aprender: Cinco Ideias para uma Vida Unschooling Feliz


Szabadon Tanulni: Öt elv az örömteli élethez a szabadtanulással