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About Me

I know what it feels like to be disconnected. For years I lived without listening to my body or my spirit. Just going through the motions.

Your body can be your own pendulum and your body can tell you when something is wrong.

In those days I ignored all the pains - deep pain my body was showing me in my body but during the Pandemic that pain was so loud. I had to sit with myself.

I started saying Thank you. 

Thank you to my Body because I needed to be stagnant but now I have different work so I had to let this weight go and then I lost 110-115lbs in 18 months.

So, I said thank you to my body and I REALLY started listening. 

Over the past 24 months, my level on intuition and activity increased in an insurmountable way! Quantum healing, wealth, and health!

Rather you want to have a loving relationships, more productivity, financial gains, spiritual, fitness, or weight-loss; just know it starts with YOU!

Rather You Participate or Not, Life is Still Happening! -Tonya Danee

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