Allison D. Reid

Christian Fantasy is my favorite genre as both a writer and a reader. There are enough graphic books and movies out there already, so I thought I’d do something different and write a wholesome series that families could enjoy together. You know, like stories and movies used to be. Clean doesn’t have to mean dumbed-down or over-simplified, and Christian doesn’t have to mean “preachy”. My stories are layered with meaning and real three-dimensional characters that people can connect with and relate to. They love, they laugh, they struggle, and sometimes they fail, but they always get back up to try again…just like we do. I’ve put a lot of effort and research into making their world feel just as real as they are. Fair warning, though. Once you go there, you might not be eager to leave again!

If you haven’t read my series, the Wind Rider Chronicles, I hope you’ll try it out. The very first book, Journey to Aviad, is free everywhere in ebook format.