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The All About Clay STUDENT HANDBOOK with Chapter Questions and Answer Key


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The 7-Book Bundle of Ceramics Books (DIGITAL VERSIONS)


Clay Posters Bundle- Set of 15 Posters


Clay Inspirations: 125 Technique Based Challenges to Spark Your Imagination


FUNCTIONAL CLAY INSPIRATIONS: 100 Functional Ceramic Challenges to Spark Your Imagination


Sculptural Clay Inspirations: 100s of Ceramic Artworks Ideas Organized by Theme/Subject


Clay Games for the Ceramics Classroom (with sculpture ideas too)




Creativity Boosters Game DELUXE BUNDLE - 1 DECK SHIPPED to you plus 5 digital Files


The All About Clay Guide to Glazing and Other Ceramics Finishing Methods - With Hot and Cold Finishes (100 pages)


SPEAKING OF CLAY: A Vocabulary Resource for Ceramic Teachers and Students


CLAY MATTERS: A Go-To Guide for Ceramics Teachers and Students


COLD FINISHES FOR CERAMICS: Glazing Alternatives That Don't Require a Kiln


The Art Teacher's Guide to Sculpture: An Overview of Terms, Media, Theme & Project Ideas



Author, artist and art educator Tracy Fortune is the creator of Art Box Adventures. She has over 30 years of art and ceramics teaching experience at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Tracy is a National Board Certified Art Teacher who has taught in Texas, Washington State, British Columbia, Alberta and Liberia, West Africa.

Tracy is a creative problem solver who loves to research, synthesize and organize ideas and then presents them in a visually appealing way. She often create resources to share with her students because she can't find them elsewhere. Her strong technology and design skills are a great asset that helps her create, refine, and share them with teachers looking for helpful resources.


DIGITAL RESOURCES: Check out the over 100 digital 2D Art, 3D Art and CERAMICS RESOURCES including books, posters, powerpoints, handouts, rubrics, planning templates, self-reflections, sub plans and other activities.

BOOKS:  Looking to get Tracy's books in paperback? They are available from Tracy in-person or BOOKS SHIPPED TO YOU or shipped from

CARD GAME: The Creativity Boosters Card Game with professionally printed poker-size cards is also available to be shipped to you. It comes with a powerpoint with art examples and digital version LINK TO GAME

Also check out the art box adventures webpage.