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A soul is more than a body is more than a number is more than [Chamber Ensemble, 2021]


Sunflowers in Autumn [Chamber Ensemble, 2019]

the blue and the dim and the dark [Double String Quartet, 2019]

Tourmaline [String Orchestra & Percussion, 2022]

Train Tracks [Saxophone Choir, 2013]

we watch it burn [Chamber Ensemble & Electronics, 2020]



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Sarah Lianne Lewis is a Welsh composer of bold and imaginative contemporary classical and electronic music.  

Described as “quiet and delicate” and “full of imaginative sonorities", her musical language explores the boundary between acoustic and electronic sound, to engage the audience in unique soundscapes and sonic atmospheres. Sarah's work looks at the natural world, and our human existence, informed by a female disabled perspective. 

Sarah is currently Composer Affiliate with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, a Royal Philharmonic Society Composer 2021-22, and a Classical:NEXT 2022 Fellow.