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Train Tracks [Saxophone Choir, 2013]

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Saxophone Choir [SAATB]

About this work

Train Tracks was written for the Bristol Saxophone Ensemble as part of Adopt a Composer 2012/13, run by Making Music, in partnership with Sound and Music, PRS for Music Foundation, and BBC Radio 3. The piece was developed in a number of workshops with the ensemble over several months, which created a unique situation in which members were able to contribute ideas for the music and the titles of the movements. Train Tracks has four short movements, each depicting a snapshot of a typical morning commuter train journey, and was premiered in St. Bartholomew's Church, Bristol on 29th June 2013.


This listing is for a PDF download of the Full Score and/or Parts only.  Please use the contact box if you'd like to order a printed and bound Score and/or Parts.

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