Ursula T Foster, LMT

I’ve been a massage therapist for more than 6 years. I absolutely love it. I believe every therapist has a soft spot for a particular type of client. I have always had a soft spot for caregivers, those people, mostly women who give and give and give but don’t take time out for themselves. She has a family, job and many times a side hustle that keeps her so busy she can’t breathe. I see women like this all the time in my practice. I used to be that woman. I figured the busier I was the more productive I would be. I found that I was always feeling drained often irritated and those beautiful massage clients I wanted to help were not getting 100% of my attention, focus and energy. I was becoming dissatisfied with my work. When I took time out for myself REGULARLY and got out of the rat race of busyness, I was able to see a clearer way to live, function and thrive.