The Habits of the World’s Wealthiest People - Lessons in Digital Literacy

by Nik Peachey

This lesson encourages students to think about their attitudes to wealth and the link between success and positive habit formation. It also helps them to question and explore the validity of online information.

The aims of the lesson are:

  • To develop students' critical thinking skills
  • To help students explore and articulate their opinions.
  • To help students understand and evaluate statistical information.
  • To develop students' abilities to check and evaluate the credibility of information.
  • To help students develop their abilities to carry out online factual research.
  • To help students develop the ability to synergise information from a range of sources and formulate written arguments around that information.

The lesson uses as its starting point an infographic about wealthy people and their habits.

The materials can be used in a blended mode with the discussion materials used in the classroom and the digital research tasks can be set as homework.

Download files include:

  • A complete lesson plan with step by step guidance
  • All lesson worksheets and materials + answer keys

You will get a PDF (788KB) file.

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