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Carrie: Tim's Two-Girl Treat. Young Woman's Erotic Diary Ten

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I'm Carrie White, some call me a nymphomaniac, and I guess they are right. I love sex. Been here on vacation in Spain for a few days and already attended a beach sex party, made out with a stranger I met on the plane, has sex with a guy whose wife was in a wheelchair. And ten more days to go.
Here is part of my diary for today:

“So, have you been out with any guys since you’ve been here?” I asked
“No! I haven’t” she sounded disappointed. “My friends at home think I’m having a riot here. They know about my boyfriend but think I’m out having fun with new guys every night. If only” she said with a sign. “I’m breaking up with him and concentrating on me” she said.
I couldn’t believe this. I thought I was going to struggle here but it was beginning to look good. I thought I could chance my arm. “Hey. Do you want to come out tonight with Tim and me? We’ll have a meal and maybe a club, then back to our room for some drinks and fun” She looked at me.
“Fun!” she asked enquiringly.
“Well you know. We’ll sit and have a few drinks, might play a game or two”
“Games?” she looked at me.
“Ok well sometimes they get personal. If you don’t want to come then let’s forget it.”
“No!” she quickly answered. “I need some fun. I told you I’ve not been out. Maybe I’ve kept to myself too much” she went on. “I think I want some fun. And I think you might be able to provide that”
We arranged to meet later, after she finished her shift and got ready to go out.

                                                                                  *   *   *   *
I didn’t tell Tim about Abbie until we were just going out. I had said I wanted to go clubbing for a bit as this was his last night here. He cheered up at that. “I thought I was going to be in the dog-house until I left!” he said.
“No! of course not, now we understand the situation. I really like you Tim, but I don’t want a one to one relationship yet. It’ll work out, don’t worry. Oh! Bye the way Abbie from the Reception Desk is tagging along. I hope that’s ok” I said. “She is on her own here and I thought we could cheer her up.” I didn’t tell him how I wanted to cheer her up!
“Oh, the brunette with the tits”
“Tim” I interrupted, “Is that all you think about when you look at a girl” He looked at me and grinned.
“I guess so” he answered.

This contains graphic descriptions of a sexual nature so you must not listen this if you are a minor or if you are offended by such material. Otherwise listen in private or with your favourite person for erotic enjoyment.
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