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TABOO: Please Mrs Tate. College Boy Erotic Experience

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Another highly charged erotic story from the pen of Jim Masters. Fast moving and and easy listen
Jessie Tate was a divorced single mum who'd not had any relationship since she threw her husband out for his infidelity. She was used to her 18 year college son and his friends being there but she never imagined what would happen.Except:So Jake and his friends, Dave and Ryan, waved as they walked into the road and jumped into Ryan’s motor. He’d passed his driving test on his eighteenth birthday and his parents had given him a used convertible. He’d always been mad about cars and helped his Dad with repairs. His father worked in a garage and repaired friends’ cars on a regular basis. He didn’t work for free but charged a low price or bartered. One of his friends was a house decorator so they had painting and decorating done in return for repairs. Ryan’s dad found this work supplemented his pay so they could have some extras like better vacations. Sometimes he gave Ryan some money for his help and the car was a bonus. Ryan had been top-dog for the last few weeks and Jessie waved as they drove off. After the match they returned to Jake’s place and his mother had laid out a spread for them, pizza, French fries, garlic bread and a light salad of baby vine tomatoes, chives and peppers. Jake switched on the TV so they could watch the national game and they lounged on the sofa and chairs. Jessie left them there whilst she went outside and lay on a lounger in the sun. Weekends were a chance to relax. She worked hard during the week and in the evenings kept on top of the washing and ironing (not that there was much but she always ironed her blouses for work and Jakes shirts), she cleaned through the house over two evenings and cooked most nights for the two of them. She usually finished within a couple of hours and then settled down with a book or watched some TV or a film. Sometimes a girlfriend would come and they’d open a bottle and chat, warm evenings outside. Jessie led a routine life and was quite settled.She lay out on the lounger in shorts and a bikini top. She knew she had a good body and liked to keep her tan topped up. She’d grabbed a plate of the snacks she’d prepared for the boys and had opened a bottle of red. Nothing fancy but with a great taste and not dry. She finished the snacks, put the glass down and stretched out. She was having a lazy afternoon as the sun beat down and she dozed off.“Mrs Tate!” she heard as she opened her eyes and saw Ryan standing over her looking down at her breasts. She’d pulled her bra straps down a little to expose more of her breasts to the sun. “Can I get you anything?” and he smiled “I didn’t realise you were sleeping. I thought you had just closed your eyes.” And he smiled.“Oh Ryan. Thanks. I’m fine thanks.” She replied, then changed her mind “No! Maybe you’d bring me a tumbler of water?”Ryan smiled “Sure Mrs Tate” he said and wandered into the house. Jessie lay back and closed her eyes again.Soon Ryan came back, glass of water in his hand. Jessie heard him and opened her eyes just in time to see him stumble slightly and water slopped out of the glass and over her belly. She sat up fast.“Oh no! I’m so sorry!” Ryan was saying. “Let me dry you off” and he bent down to pick up the towel Jessie had brought out to cover her if the sun was too hot.“No! It’s OK” she said but he had already started patting her stomach and the bikini top which was also wet. Jessie had an incredible feeling in her stomach as she watched him and put her hand out to pull the towel away but her effort was pretty feeble. As Ryan patted her dry he smiled at her.
Now buy and listen on and enjoy this story. Strong graphic erotic descriptions. If you are a minor or might be offended by this material then do not read. Best enjoyed alone in bed or with you favourite person.
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