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TABOO: Teach Me Everything Daddy Audio Book

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Jim Masters nails it with this short erotic story:
Kylie had just turned eighteen years. She'd not had much experience with local boys and was curious. Her Mom was away for the weekend and her step-daddy was at home with her. Would she learn about boys from him? "Friday afternoon came around and Jackie was blustering around packing her overnight bag. One of the girls was picking her up. There were a dozen going and they were taking three cars. There was a horn sounding outside and Jackie was off after giving Joe a kiss and hugging Kylie. “I’ve left dinner in the oven. Just take it out in twenty minutes” she said to Kylie as she left.Kylie served up and they ate together. “I’m going for a shower” Kyle said, getting up and clearing the table.She went to her room and undressed, looking appreciatively in the mirror, Yes, she looked good. She put her wrap on and went to the shower room. Leaving the door ajar slightly she switched the water on and slipped out of the wrap, stepping under the warm jets. She was soaping herself when she caught a movement out of the corner of her eye and without looking directly, she saw Joe in the slightly open door. She opened her legs and rubbed her pussy, not looking up. Joe stood looking for a few minutes until she turned off the water and then he wasn’t there. Drying herself with the giant fluffy towel she wrapped it around herself and went along the passage to her room. She passed Joe’s room and saw him standing with his back to her."Joe seemed interested in seeing more of his step-daughter . . . without the towel.Now buy and read on.Also Bonus Short Story "Through the Screen Erotically" where the author imagines a passionate time with the camgirl he is watching. Short hot and steamy. You can imagine being there with the hot description.
Listen in private and enjoy. This contains graphic erotic detail that is not suitable for minors or thse who might be offended. This is ADULT MATERIAL
You will get a MP3 (73MB) file

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