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The Priests' Confession. Two short Erotic Stories Audio book

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Jim Masters has written two stories about priests and their carnal desires.
Two days later and Kathy was knocking at the rectory front door. It was a beautiful Spring day and the sun was shining, blue skies although it wasn’t very warm. Kathy was wearing a short jacket and mini skirt with boots. She wondered if she was showing too much flesh for a priest but then thought she didn’t care. She actually liked showing off her body and usually wore low cut tops to show her large rounded breasts. She knew she was sexy but she teased all the guys and never let them touch her apart from kissing. She’d usually have to fight off their hands as they tried to grope her, creep between her legs.
She was totally inexperienced and pushed the guys away to cover this up. She was frightened too. She knew her mother had a bad experience when Kathy was born. And her mother was old fashioned and shied away from anything sexual, to the extent that she’d turn off the TV or at least leave the room if anything sexually embarrassing was shown. So, Kathy was a bit guilt driven too.
Father Phillip, on the other hand, was very experienced and had a predilection for girls of eighteen to about twenty-three years old. He loved their smooth, slender young bodies. He loved their breasts of all sizes.
This is adult material and not suitable for minors under 18 years or those who might be offended by strong grpahic erotic descriptions. Listen in private or with your favourite person
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