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Carrie and the Stranger Young Woman's Erotic Diary Six AUDIOBOOK

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Hot erotic short story by Abigail Andrews and read by Harriet Seed. Read alone or snuggled up to your favourite person to enjoy this intimate adventure, just two days out of Carrie White's vacation in Spain. Sand, sun and sex. 

The train was pretty quiet, most travellers were coming into London, commuters going to their offices, I’d seen them streaming off the train, even though it was still before 8am. I guessed many were on flexi-time and wanted to be in early on a Friday to finish early for the weekend. I wasn’t in that rat-race! I was heading out of London and had a seat. I glanced at my mobile, catching up with messages, texts, the weather in Malaga, the news headlines. The government in trouble again. A minister caught with his trousers down, literary, in his Westminster office with a under-graduate intern doing her free stint before graduating. I’d come across several of these guys in my work, all living double lives. Did anyone in authority, whether in public office or private business lead a stain free honest life anymore? They all had at least one secret: and I’d been privy to many of those.
   A guy sat opposite me. Dark hair, trendy beard, jeans, jacket, collar turned up over stretched tight jeans and ankle boots with pointed toes. He was fingering his phone frantically and deeply concentrating. Then he looked up and smiled. Those white teeth and dark eyes made my stomach jump for a minute. I smiled back and then his head was down again writing more on his mobile. I wondered if he was flying away to a sunny destination too.

This is not suitable for minors or those that may be offended by sexually graphic descriptions.

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