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Who were you at birth? Real Sky Horoscope #1008planets

a)Who were you before being given faux ascendant with two or three false Sun signs?
b)Let us clear out why: why would anyone assign false ascendant unto one?
c)They don't know but here is reason: ascendant is often the closest you get to guardian angel. Nobody knows one's own ascendant much as nobody knows or even wants to know natal Sun sign.
d)Sun standing for faux ego is seldom important in a horoscope: gold trading, cardiac issues; royalty, that sort of thing.
e)What is important is the Moon. Moon in Auriga. Moon in Corvus. Moon in Orion.
f)A heavy dwarf planet such as Orcus in Sextans at the ascendant can determine horoscope.
g)Centaurs add to lively delineation: you are either street-smart or have shamanic talent.
h)A horoscope is a rich report: 11 years are not enough in order to delineate it but you know next marriage in seconds.
i)The original real sky horoscope was not available to public. Inner lodge format was 1008 pages.
j)There are16 Sun signs having nothing much to do with 16 ascendants.
k)The number of ascendants changes along with precession.
l)There are 22 standard zodiacal stations.
m)Every planet has its own zodiac.
n)There are 1008 planets.
o)67 is the sum of horoscope signs.
p)USA and Italy share Serpens ascendant: don't tread on me!
q)Venus is presently in 911 position in Orion: Venus in Orion.
r)USA ascendant is close to Ophiuchus.
s)Orion can be your ascendant but you don't know it.
t)911 Moon was in Orion.
u)Osama was born with Moon in Orion.
v)Kalergi and Saudi have Moon in Auriga.
w)Where is yours?

Real Sky Horoscope Who were you at birth? #1008planets
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