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Hexbin Socks Knitting Pattern

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Hexbin is a top-down, unisex sock pattern featuring stranded colorwork. It is a fun, geometric design that leaves a lot of room for experimentation with color and pattern. It is also a great stash-busting project for those self-striping, gradient or tonal colorways that can be difficult to do justice to.

Did You Know?
The colorwork motif was inspired by hexbin plots, also known as 2D density or 2D histogram plots.

How Does it Work?
In these graphs, large amounts of data points are grouped in hexagonal regions (the ‘bins’), with brightly colored regions representing more active areas. This gives a nice, high-level overview of the complex underlying data. Think, for example, of a plot of how much wine is produced in each village in France. Hexagons are used instead of squares or circles to remove some biases at the region edges, while also looking much cooler!

The first example shows a hexbin plot with the expected revenue of supermarkets in the Netherlands.

For more information about this hexbin map, see this link

This second example of a hexbin plot shows the number of bankruptcies filed per US state in a certain time frame.

For more information about this hexbin map, see this link.
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