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A World without Magnets - Lessons in Digital Literacy

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We seldom think about magnets outside of a science class, but the reality is that they play an incredibly important role in our day to day lives. Use this plan to explore their significance with your students.

This lesson is based on an infographic about magnets. The infographics contains a range of facts and statistics as well as some information about magnets and how they are used.

In the lesson, students will find out about the different uses of magnets and why they are so important.
The plan also includes a number of research tasks that develop students’ abilities to create and carry out online research, create online questionnaires and share their research by creating infographics, presentations and reports.

See a demo copy of the student materials here:

The materials in this plan can be used in different ways. The first four tasks can be used independently as a simple reading and discussion lesson.

The final three tasks can be used selectively as follow up tasks or you can use all three tasks as an ongoing project over the course of a number of lessons.

This lesson contains seven tasks:

  1. A discussion task that gets students thinking about magnets and how they are used in our lives.
  2. A reading task that develops students’ abilities to read and check information.
  3. A reading task that encourages students to scan read for specific information.
  4. A discussion task that gives students the opportunity to respond to the information more personally.
  5. An online research task that gets students to follow up on what they have read and find out more about magnets.
  6. An online research task that gets students to create a questionnaire to find what people know about magnets.
  7. A writing task which gives students the opportunity to consolidate their learning in the form of a blog article.

The files include a complete step by step lesson plan with printable worksheets, digital teachers' presentation and a digital version for students with digital devices.

You will get the following files:
  • PDF (2MB)
  • PDF (3MB)

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