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50 Facts about Hair - Lessons in Digital Literacy

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In the lesson, students will learn some amazing facts about hair and find out about the historical significance it has had in different cultures around the world.

They will discuss the significance of hair to their own identity and find out how to do online fact checking, create digital questionnaires and carry out online research.

You can see a demo copy of the student materials here:

This lesson contains seven tasks:

  1. A discussion task which gets students thinking about the topic.
  2. A reading task which develops students’ abilities to use text to check information.
  3. A reading task which encourages students to develop deeper comprehension.
  4. A discussion task which gives students the opportunity to formulate a personal response to the information they have studied.
  5. An online research task which guides students through the process of researching and corroborating the credibility of online information.
  6. An online research task which guides students through the process of creating research and disseminating the results.
  7. A research task which develops students’ abilities to use social media to carry out research.

The materials in this plan can be used in different ways. The first four tasks can be used independently as a simple reading and discussion class.

The last three tasks are research tasks. These are the tasks that push students to develop their digital literacies most. It’s not necessary to use all the tasks. These tasks are likely to take longer and could be set as homework, independent study tasks or as projects and followed up in the classroom. The research tasks will all require internet access.

The download files include:

  • Step by step lesson plan and answer key
  • Photocopiable worksheets
  • Digital presentations for both teacher and students
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (3MB)
  • PDF (4MB)

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