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Welcome to the 29th issue of the arts magazine Inspirational. This issue has artists from Russia, the Netherlands, the US, Paraguay, and India, with disciplines ranging from digital art to painting, from textiles to illustration. In this issue inspirational has three in depth interviews with three contemporary artists: Tatiana Vinogradova, Shannon Hedges, and Ron Weijers. In its regular portfolio section, Inspirational features two artists work: Titus Schulz and Judith Plotner. Inspirational also has a written feature on the work of Feliciano Centurión by Raquel Glusman. More details of everything available in this issue are given below:

interview: Tatiana Vinogradova The Russian writer and digital artist is well-known in Russia for her written work, but Inspirational is keen to showcase her impressive visual artwork as well. Tatiana is interviewed about her digital work and shows a wide range of samples, including this issues cover.

portfolio: Titus Schulz The Dutch graphic artist, printer and musician has old school technology as the theme for much of his artwork. There is a near physical power to the work, as if the cogs and dials that he portrays are just one step away from use.

interview: Shannon Hedges The American artist, illustrator and storyteller produces bold, dynamic, richly coloured work, that often tells a character driven story. Shannon gives an interview to Inspirational, where he talks about how he started, where his work ideas come from, and where he is now as an artist. The interview is richly illustrated with his work.

feature: Feliciano Centurión The Paraguayan born, Argentina-based artist who died of AIDS related complications in 1996, worked primarily in textiles. His work challenged the gender traditions of textiles, and rejected the role of textiles as craft rather than art. This feature is written by the writer and broadcaster Raquel Glusman, and fully illustrated with work by Feliciano.

interview: Ron Weijers The Dutch artist who expresses himself through painting, photography and music, talks to Inspirational about his work. He talks about the use of abstraction, about his collaboration with other artists, on running an artist platform/gallery, and about his musical creativity. The interview is richly illustrated with Ron’s visual work.

portfolio: Judith Plotner The American textile, collage and printmaking artist produces work that has an internalised subject matter that often involves thoughts, ideas, messages, and symbols. Her emotive work is shown in full in this portfolio spread for Inspirational.

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John Hopper - Inspirational editor
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