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Welcome to the 31st issue of the arts magazine Inspirational. This issue has artists from Greece, Belgium, Norway, Peru, the UK, and the US, with disciplines ranging from photography to fine art painting, from conceptual design to digital art. In this issue inspirational has three in depth interviews with three contemporary artists: Manos Mpatzolis, Nadi Adatepe, and Brian Auerbach. In its regular portfolio section, Inspirational features two artists work: François Harray, and Francesco Ruspoli. As well as a feature and interview with the artist Christian Bendayan. More details of everything available in this issue are given below:

interview: Manos Mpatzolis The Greek artist, maker, designer, curator is a fine artist in the design world, a designer in the fine art world. His work is eclectic, surreal, infinitely fascinating, and unique. So much so that his sound wave sculpture of the voice of Maria Callas, sports the front page of this issue. Manos gives a comprehensive interview about his life and his work to Inspirational.

portfolio: François Harray The Belgian writer, photographer and art historian has a particular interest in questions surrounding gender. His photographic work often runs on themes, and Inspirational is lucky enough to have François theme of ‘War’ for this issue, a concept that offers variations on major works from art history and the contemporary era.  

interview: Nadi Adatepe Turkish born and raised and now resident in Norway, this writer and poet turned visual artist produces his own experiences and perceptions of life in a singular and unique way. Nadi uses fractal abstract imagery to show us the world as it really is, rather than the one that seems real. With a comprehensive interview and full colour work, Inspirational is thrilled to feature Nadi and his work.

feature/interview: Christian Bendayán the Peruvian fine art painter explores and questions the official Amazonian story through the prism of colonialism, racism, and sexuality. With his work playing a significant role in the queer art showing at this year’s Venice Biennale, the Argentinian based writer and filmmaker Raquel Glusman has written a feature on the work of Christian, as well as interviewed the artist in depth for Inspirational.

portfolio: Francesco Ruspoli the French born artist who now lives in the UK, sees his work as flowing between the worlds of the figurative and the abstract. His vivid coloured work and bold line encourages you to explore this world of organic forms and of distracted abstraction for yourself, to see what you wish to see, to experience. Inspirational shares Francesco’s unique work in this issue.

interview: Brian Auerbach the American photographic artist explores, through photography, photo collage, and varied visual media, a world of light, of shadow, of texture. Equally at home in urban and rural, in manufactured and natural landscapes, Brian explores surfaces and textures that intrigue and entice him. Through a wide-ranging interview, the artist explains how they came to photography, how they use photography, and what it means to them.


                                  John Hopper - Inspirational editor         
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