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Welcome to the 22nd issue of the arts magazine Inspirational. In this issue inspirational interviews four leading contemporary artists, as well as featuring another. There is also of course the regular book review.

interview: graeme jukes. The collage/photomontage artist is interviewed in depth about his work, about his fascination with the Dada movement, his struggles with social media censorship, and where he is heading in 2019. 

interview: stiofan o’ceallaigh. The painter and multimedia artist is interviewed in depth about his work, his new painting series 'Barely Visible', his battle with media censorship, and where he is heading in 2019.

feature: ebony g patterson. The work of the Jamaican painter and mixed media artist is the subject of the writer, broadcaster, filmmaker raquel glusman, one of Inspirationals feature writers. Ebony Patterson deals with a range of issues regarding identity and being, including gender, colonialism, cultural visibility and invisibility. 

interview: richard mcvetis. The textile and conceptual artist uses textiles, drawing and installations to explore the concept of space and time. He is interviewed in depth about his use of stitch, colour, and scale, and where he is heading in 2019. 

interview: sabine bolk. The conceptual and installation artist has a passion for batik. She has a passion for its history as well as incorporating it readily in her contemporary work, particularly within conceptual installation work. She is interviewed in depth about her connection with batik, her installation work, and where she is heading in 2019.

review: kim thittichai. Hot Textiles is a practical and creative guide in using heat on a range of materials in order to change and mould them to creative innovation. Hot Textiles is reviewed by the newest addition to the Inspirational feature writers team, the artist and writer elaine carstairs.

Inspirational – supporting the visual arts

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