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Witchling Summoned

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Seeking Witchdom, Part 1 (short story)

Jade McIntire is flunking out of WWU--Witches & Warlocks University. While retaking Potions & Lotions 201 for the third time, on the eve of Halloween no less, she meets up with a High Warlock of McScreamy proportions who delivers an urgent quest.

A quest, which for this witcherly-challenged, WWU near-dropout, seems impossible to achieve. Just when she thinks the task has been accomplished, she learns she's been summoned--a High Warlock somewhere has chosen her for his future, High Witch mate. But if she can't pass Potions & Lotions, how in the netherworld can she pass High Witch training?

What's a lowly witchling to do, when the High Warlock of her McNightmares comes knocking with marriage on his mind?
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