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Elocin Shawl Pattern

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I’m a geek at heart and love working the Fibonacci sequence into my patterns. Each number in the sequence is the sum of the two preceding numbers. While people recognize it as a mathematical principle, the numbers also appear in nature, for example, in arrangements of leaves on a stem, a pineapple’s fruit sprouts, and pine cone bracts. The progression gives a wonderful flow and balance.

When working with a fancy yarn, I want a simple stitch pattern to allow the colors to take center stage. For me, that means it needs to be simple but not boring. I used the Fibonacci numbers to place the openwork breaks to give a counterpoint of interest.

For this issue, Jody gave us a challenge of creating a piece that was not a typical crescent shape – I was inspired to create this shoulder-hugging shawl.

I designed the shawl using stitch studios by nicole Cotton Colors yarn. The shawl is named “Elocin” – nicole spelled backwards.
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