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Calmer Classrooms with Mojo - Primary School Wellbeing and Mindfulness Programme

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Calmer Classrooms with Mojo is my Primary School Wellbeing and Mindfulness Programme. It comprises five daily powerpoints covering the five key elements of mindfulness; Meditation, Breath, Movement, Thought and Feelings. These can be used as daily sessions but don't have to be taught on the designated days. You also receive a Teacher Handbook with all the worksheets and resources you need. All MP3s for the meditations are built into the powerpoints. You also get a set of breathing posters, cards and documents to help you introduce wellbeing and mindfulness to your school (information for your website, graphics etc). 

There are many benefits of mindfulness:

Increased focus and concentration.
Reduced stress for pupils and teachers.
Raised self-awareness.
Increased empathy and understanding of others.
More cohesive school-wide culture.
Improved conflict-resolution skills.
Increased feeling of calm.
Better self-regulation in challenging circumstances.

These resources are very simply structured and can be dipped into or followed as a scheme, whatever works best for your setting.

The programme build mindfulness, wellbeing and meditation skills.  Calmer Classrooms with Mojo allows the children to slowly build their skill set as they work through the activities and worksheets.

The lessons should be revisited regularly to remind the children of the techniques they have learned. Over time they will slowly build a comprehensive emotional toolkit to help them with anxiety, focus, self confidence and self-regulation.

As a teacher I know that with the right resources you can teach anything. This scheme has been created to be as accessible as possible. All techniques are explained fully and illustrated if necessary and the pack contains everything you need to introduce mindfulness to your school. If there is anything you need help with I am always available to discuss your needs by email.

“I’m loving the whole school programme. My class P3) are looking forward to that part of the day already. And they’re talking about ‘Take a Breath Tuesday’, ‘Wake up your Body Wednesday’ etc. My favourite moment so far was when 3 of the pupils had finished their work and asked if they should get a game. I said we only had 2 mins left until tidy up time so it really wasn’t worth getting a game out. One of them then said, “I know, we can meditate” and they happily took off their shoes, sat on cushions and closed their eyes. So cute.”

Fiona MacNabTeacher, Scotland, UK
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