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Direction Vol. 2 No. 8

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Direction Vol. 2 No. 8 - Multiculturalism

48 pages + 12 insert pages. 2000.



‘Black and white’ (pp. 5-7) by Riki Alexander.

‘Sticking to principle – Teaching Alexander in Ecuador’ (pp. 8-11) by Glenna Batson.

‘A classical use of the front hand’ (pp. 12-14) by Mervyn Waldman.

‘Living in the present’ (pp. 15-18) by Hella Linkmeyer, (interviewed by Frank Sheldon).

‘Crossing hemispheres – Forward and up with the rising sun’ (pp. 19-21) by Robin Gilmore.

‘Moving beyond words’ (pp. 22-24) by Marcia F. Freeman

‘An Alexander way of life’ (pp. 25-27) by Tommy Thompson.

‘Zweimal frähstuck bitte’ (pp. 28-30) by Rosa Luisa Rossi, Cathy Madden.

‘Garlick report’ (pp. 31-33) by David Garlick.

‘Viewpoint’ (p. 34) by Michael Holt.

‘Alexander moments – Hands – A photo essay’ (p. 35) by Nicola Hanefeld.


Insert ‘In All Directions’:

‘6.99 Freiburg – The trainee and the banquet’ (p. 1, 2 -insert) by Louise Gauld.

‘Cultural habits – How do we eliminate what appears to be so normal?’ (p. 3-insert) by Richard Brennan.

‘Review: The chair – Rethinking culture, body, and design’ (p. 4-insert) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Review: How to think like Leonardo da Vinci: Michael Gelb’ (p. 4, 5 -insert) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Review: The hand: How its use shapes the brain, language, and human culture: Frank R. Wilson’ (p. 5 -insert) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘AUSTAT news’ (p. 8n -insert) by Louise Gauld.

‘Fresh voices – Future teachers speak out’ (p. 9n -insert) by Karin Boskens.

‘Review: Collected writings on the Alexander Technique: Frank Pierce Jones’ (p. 5, 6 -insert) by John Coffin.

‘Bending with beauty – Walter Carrington recalls FM’ (p. -insert 7) by Walter Carrington, Noel Kingsley.

‘STAT news – in brief’ (p. 10n -insert) by J. de P.

‘ATI roundup – cooperation pays off’ (p. 11n -insert) by J. de P.


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