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Direction Vol. 2 No. 1

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38 pages + 8 insert pages. 1993.

‘Issue editorial’ (pp. 4-5) by Walter Carrington.
‘The Garlick report’ (p. 6) by David Garlick.
‘What’s it all about?’ (p. 7) by Richard Weis.
‘Dressage clinics with the Alexander Technique’ (pp. 9-12) by Lorna Faraldi.
‘Working with Mr Spooks’ (pp. 13-15) by Sally Tottle.
‘A Feldenkrais practitioner looks at the Alexander Technique’ (pp. 16-18) by Jack Heggie.
‘A lesson in horsemanship’ (pp. 19-20) by Danny Pevsner.
‘Balance and gravity’ (pp. 21-27) by Tris Roberts.
‘Are you sitting comfortably?’ (pp. 28-29) by Jean Clark.
‘Personal history’ (pp. 30-31) by Sally Swift.
‘Man – The tottering biped – Part 5: The skilled use of the body; section two’ (pp. 32-33) by Phillip Tobias.
‘Three functional centres’ (pp. 34-36) by Charles Harris.
‘Letter: Viewpoint’ (p. 37) by Jeroen Staring.
‘Viewpoint (Feelings of insecurity among Alexander teacher)’ (p. 38) by Robert Rickover.
‘Friends of Alexander – Alexander Leeper 1848-1934 – Part one’ (p. 39) by Margaret Long.

Insert ‘In All Directions’:
‘Raising the nail’ (p. 3 -insert) by Robyn Gilmore.
‘Terrible taxi tricks’ (p. 4 -insert) by Walter Carrington, Noel Kingsley.
‘Reviews: The way to perfect horsemanship: Udo Bärger. Riding towards the light: Paul Belasik. Centred Riding: Sally Swift. A dressage judge’s handbook – The principles of riding: Kurt Albrecht’ (pp. 5-7 -insert) by Richard Weis.
‘Obituary: Lorna Faraldi’ (p. 7 -insert) by Kathryn Miranda.

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