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Direction Vol. 2 No. 7

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Direction Vol. 2 No. 7 - Eye See Vision issue

48 pages + 12 insert pages. 1999.



‘Editorial’ (p. 4) by Jeremy Chance.

‘Issue editorial’ (p. 4) by Peter Grunwald.

‘The Garlick report – A physiologist’s view of the eye’ (p. 5) by David Garlick.

‘Perfect grace’ (pp. 6-9) by Louise Gauld.

‘The how and why of the eye’ (pp. 10-16) by Brian Freeman.

‘Have a ball!’ (pp. 17-20) by Cathy Pollock.

‘Willam Horatio’s brainwave’ (pp. 21-23) by Brigitte Cavadias.

‘The eye-body reflex patterns’ (pp. 24-28) by Peter Grunwald.

‘The use of the eye’ (pp. 29-32) by Carrington,Walter, interviewed by Brigitte Cavadias and Marjory Fern.

‘Letter: A few thoughts on the spirituality issue’ (p. 33) by Michael Holt.

‘Viewpoint (Early childhood education)’ (p. 34) by Rickover, Robert.

‘Friends of Alexander; Aldous Huxley 1894-1963’ (p. 35) by Margaret Long.


Insert ‘In All Directions’:

‘Fare forward, travellers’ (pp. -insert 1, 2) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Self on self’ (p. 2 -insert) by Kay Hooper.

‘What is a prayer? – Form, content and the evolution of AT’ (p. -insert 3 ) by Wade Alexander.

‘STATNews – The compressed files’ (p. -insert 4) by J. de P.

‘Review: Kinesthetic ventures: Ed Bouchard and Ben Wright’ (pp. -insert 5, 6) by David Gibbens.

‘Review: Principles of the Alexander Technique: Jeremy Chance’ (p. -insert 6) by John B. Coffin,

‘ATN newsletter roundup – The death of Don Burton’ (pp. -insert 7, 8) by J. de P.

‘ATI roundup’ (p. -insert 8) by Jeremy Chance.

‘Bookbites on vision – Maxims: La Rochefoucauld. A natural history of the senses: Diane Ackerman. the sense of sight: John Berger. Letters on Cezanne. The Art of Seeing: Aldous Huxley’ (p. -insert 9) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘NASTAT roundup’ (p. -insert 11) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Freemail – Hands-on-hands-off’ (p. -insert 12) by Kay Hooper.


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