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Direction Vol. 1 No. 4

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Direction Vol. 1 No. 4 - Walter Carrington

42 pages + 16 insert pages. 1988.

‘Poem by an Australian schoolboy’ by unsigned.
‘The Garlick report– General outlook’ by David Garlick.
‘Walter Carrington – A portrait’ by Mary Holland.
‘Walter’s Talks – Direction, inhibition and rational thinking’ by Walter Carrington, John Nicholls.
‘Faulty sensory perception’ by Don Mixon, Peter Burton.
‘Australian influence, The – On the life and work of F. M. Alexander’ by Walter Carrington.
‘Head at the end of its tether – an analysis of primary control’ by John M. Wynhausen.
‘Respiratory re-education’ by F. Matthias Alexander.
‘Friends of Alexander – Sir Charles Percy Barlee Clubbe’ by Margaret Long.
‘An interview with Dilys Carrington’ by Lynn Nicholls.
‘An interview with Walter Carrington’ by John Nicholls.
‘Viewpoint (NLP, neuro linguistic programming)’ by Robert M. Rickover.

Insert ‘In All Directions’:
‘Pom dreamtime – The Australian visit’ by Kri Ackers.
‘Accolades for Alexander’ by Margaret Long.
‘Obituary: Raymond Dart 1893-1988’ by Phillip V. Tobias.
‘NASTAT and the Alexander Guild’ by Kathryn Lord.
 ‘Review: Back trouble: Deborah Caplan’ by Margaret Long.
‘Letter: Lay representatives’ by David Garlick.
‘One woman’s story – Relaxing my Nick’ by ‘Paula Valintine’.
‘Review: Chiropractors: Do they help?: M. Kelner, O. Halland, I. Coulter’ by Robert M. Rickover.

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