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Direction Vol. 2 No. 3

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35 pages + 8 insert pages. 1995.

‘The Garlick report’ (p. 5) by David Garlick.
‘Training the singing voice’ (pp. 6-10) by Beret Arcaya.
‘Breathe from your diaphragm and other myths’ (pp. 11-13) by Ron Dennis.
‘Language and movement’ (pp. 14-18) by Keith Hjortshoj.
‘Breathe easy, breathe low’ (pp. 19-22) by Judy Champ.
‘The use of the ear’ (pp. 23-25) by Rafaele Joudry.
‘What’s the matter? Lost your tongue?’ (pp. 26-28) by Angela Caine.
‘Voice lost’ (pp. 29-33) by McCallion, Michael.
‘Viewpoint (Narcissus)’ (p. 34) by Robert Rickover.
‘Friends of Alexander – Walter Bentley 1849-1927’ (p. 35) by Margaret Long.

Insert ‘In All Directions’:
‘The universal use test’ (p. 2 -insert) by Robert Rickover.
‘STATnews roundup’ (pp. 3-4 -insert) by J. de P.
‘Review: The voice workbook – Use your voice with confidence: Angela Caine’ (pp. 5-6 -insert) by David Gibbens.
‘Review: The Alexander Technique and autobiographical writing: Joan Diamond’ (pp. 6-7 -insert) by David Gibbens.
‘Review: The voice book: Michael McCallion’ (pp. 7-8 -insert) by David Gibbens.
‘Obituary: Paul Collins 1926-1995’ (pp. 9 -insert) by Elizabeth Langford.
‘NASTATnews roundup’ (pp. 10-11 -insert) by J. de P.
‘Chairwork on chickens’ (p. 12 -insert) by Walter Carrington, Nöel Kingsley.

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