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Direction Vol. 1 No. 5

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Direction Vol. 1 No. 5 - Brighton Congress

42 pages + 16 insert pages. 1989.

‘The Garlick report’ by David Garlick.
‘Act, don’t react’ by Sir George Trevelyan.
‘Postural reflexes – and their relevance to the Alexander Technique’ by Kathleen J. Ballard.
‘Dealing with back pain – and other physical problems’ by Deborah Caplan.
‘An early history of Alexander in Australia’ by Megan Rathbone.
‘Friends of Alexander – George William Easton’ by Margaret Long.
‘Keynote address’ by Erika Whittaker.
‘We go forward and up’ by Glynn Macdonald.
‘Towards unity’ by Michael Frederick.
‘Loss of innocence’ by Douglass Price-Williams.
‘Letter: Head at the end of its tether’ by Heather R. Kroll, , Donald L. Weed.
‘Letter: Head at the end of its tether’ by Kathleen J. Ballard.
‘Viewpoint’ by Robert M. Rickover.


Insert ‘In All Directions’:
‘Workshop: Mid-West breeze in Britain: Marj Barstow’ by Joan Diamond.
‘Fixed ideas about being free’ by Beauchamp Bagenal.
‘Practice and theory’ by Walter Carrington.
‘N.O.P.A.I.N.’ by J de P.
‘Review: Alexander Technique: Chris Stevens’ by ‘Mr Rogers’.
‘Review: Fitness without stress: Robert Rickover’ by ‘Mr Rogers’.
‘Review: Alexander Technique and how it can help you: Liz Hodgkinson’ by ‘Mr Rogers’.
‘Miss Direction’ by Eileen Troberman.
‘Report: Congress roundup’ by Ken Thompson.
‘Government regulation, self regulation and 1992’ by Harvey Goodlife.
‘Alam bells in Canada – More on the regulation debate’  by J de P.
‘Good hands and good conduct go hand in glove’ by Eileen Troberman.
‘A means to nothing’ by J de P.

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