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Direction Vol. 2 No. 10

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Direction Vol. 2 No. 10 - The Future. It’s in Our Hands

56 pages + 16 insert pages. 2002.



‘Science the future and AT’ (p. 6) by David Garlick.

‘In our hands’ (pp. 7-12) by Catherine Kettrick.

‘Our brains beguiled’ (pp. 13-16) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘On general principle’ (pp. 17-19) by Franis Engel.

‘Alexander teacher education – An integrated view of professional competence – Part one’ (pp. 20-23) by Terry Fitzgerald.

‘Science and Alexander – Towards common understanding’ (pp. 24-33) by Tim Cacciatore.

‘The rounder we go, the samer we get – Part two’ (pp. 34-38) by David Gorman.

‘Snapshots’ (p. 39) by Grant Ragsdale.


Insert ‘In All Directions’:

‘Obituary: David Garlick 1933-2002’ (pp. 1, 2n-insert) by Terry Fitzgerald.

‘Obituary: Debra Caplan 1929-2000’ (p. 1n-insert) by Larry King.

‘Fresh voices – From students at NETCAT in Leeds, UK’ (pp. 3n-insert) by Nick Mellor.

‘STATNews roundup’ (pp. 4, 5 -insert) by Franis Engel.

‘Review: The mind body workout with Pilates and Alexander Technique: Lynne Robinson, Helge Fischer’ (p. 6 -insert) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Review: The art of running: Malcolm Balk, Andrew Shields’ (pp. 6, 7 -insert) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Review: Frederick Matthias Alexander – A family history: J. A. Evans’ (p. 7 -insert) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Review: Aphorisms: F. Matthias Alexander’ (pp. 7, 8 -insert) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Review: An African odyssey – Evolution, posture and the work of F. M. Alexander: Hugh Massey’ (p. 8 -insert) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Review: The universal constant in living: F. Matthias Alexander’ (pp. 8 -insert) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘AUSTAT News roundup’ (pp. 9, 10 -insert) by Louise Gauld.

‘ATI roundup’ (pp. 11, 12 -insert) by Cook, Paul.

‘Eighth and nineth ATI conferences 2000 and 2001 – Romancing the Irish Coastline’ (p. 12 -insert) by Richard Brennan.

‘Open letter to members of Alexander Technique associations’ (pp. 13 -insert) by unsigned.

‘AmSAT news roundup’ (p. 14 -insert) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Walter remembers FM – Taste affects use’ (p. 15 -insert) by Walter Carrington, Christopher Waring Westby.

‘Handy Q and A’ (p. 16 -insert) by Kay S. Hooper.


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