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Direction Vol. 2 No. 2

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35 pages + 8 insert pages. 1994.

‘The Garlick report’ (p. 5) by David Garlick.
‘Dr Wilfred Barlow’ (pp. 6-8) by Anne Battye.
‘Conscious Control’ (pp. 9-11) by Nicholas Brockbank.
‘Marjory Barlow interviewed’ (pp. 12-22) by Frances Oxford, Marjory Barlow.
‘We might be able to help’ (pp. 23-25) by John Gray.
‘Man – The tottering biped – Part 6: Role of the nervous system’ (pp. 26-28) by Phillip Tobias.
‘Fifty-five years on’ (pp. 29-32) by Elisabeth Walker.
‘Letter: Direction equitation issue’ (p. 33) by Michael Holt.
‘Letter: Viewpoint (Feelings of insecurity among Alexander teacher)’ (p. 33) by Jan Pullmann.
‘Friends of Alexander – Alexander Leeper 1848-1934 – Part two’ (p. 34) by Margaret Long.
‘Review: Authorised summaries of F. M. Alexanders four books: F. M. Alexander, Ron Brown’ (p. 34) by Robert Rickover.

Insert ‘In All Directions’:
‘Newsletter roundup’ (pp. 3 -insert) by J. de P.
‘Having the book thrown at you’ (p. 4 -insert) by Walter Carrington, Noel Kingsley.
‘Review: On the development of habit: From the viewpoint of the Alexander Technique and early neuromotor patterns of development: Gitte Dollerup Fjordbo’ (pp. 5-6 -insert) by David Gibbens.
‘Review: The Alexander Technique in conversation: John Nicholls and Sean Carey’ (pp. 6 -insert) by Kri Ackers.
‘Piglet interviews Pooh’ (pp. 6-7 -insert) by Anne Gibbens.

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