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Direction Vol. 1 No. 6

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Direction Vol. 1 No. 6 - Kids

47 pages + 12 insert pages. 1990.


‘The Garlick report’ by David Garlick.
‘The continuum concept’ by Jean Liedloff.
‘A positive approach to children – Their use and their environment’ by Sue Scott.
‘Man – The tottering biped – Part 1: Posture and locomotion in living higher primates’ by Phillip Tobias.
‘A perspective on parenting’ by Catherine Madden.
‘The Alexander way to eutokia’  by Ilana Machover.
‘Letter: Viewpoint: Alexander apologia’ by Jean M. O. Fischer.
‘Letter: Head at the end of its tether’ by John Wynhausen.
‘Letter: Viewpoint: Was Alexander a racist?’ by Robert Rickover.
‘Letter: Viewpoint: Was Alexander a racist?’ by J. Staring.
‘Pregnancy and the Alexander Technique’ by Mary Sokosky.
‘F. M. Alexander and evolution – Part one’ by Jean M. O. Fischer.
‘Fortune cookie’ by Kri Ackers.
‘Friends of Alexander – Fr. Jules Vandel Priest 1860-1933’ by Margaret Long.

Insert ‘In All Directions’:

‘1992 and all that – an update’ by Harvey Goodliffe.
‘Glasnost goes to the globe’ by J de P.
‘Music in Melbourne: Vivien Mackie’s training course’ by J de P.
‘Review: The Alexander Technique as I see it: Patrick Macdonald’ by ‘Mr Rogers’.
‘Review: Marjorie Barstow – Her teaching and training: Barbara Conable’ by ‘Mr Rogers’.
‘Review: The Alexander Technique – The essential writings of F. Matthias Alexander: F. M. Alexander, Edward Maisel’ by ‘Mr Rogers’.
‘Review: The art of changing: Glen Park’ by ‘Mr Rogers’.

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