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Direction Vol. 3 No. 7

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Direction Vol. 3 No. 7 - Schools of Thought

34 pages. 2010.



‘The Science Report’ by Kevan Martin (p. 5)

‘Generation Shift’ (p. 6)

‘Schools For Thought’ by N. Brooke Lieb, Richard Brennan, Galit Zeif (pp. 7-12)

‘Training Course Evolution’ by Terry Fitzgerald, Caronly Nicholls, Robin Gilmore, Jamie McDowell, David Moore (pp. 13-18)

‘International Training Schools Directory’ (pp. 19–23)

‘Building BodyChance – An Alexander Technique learning corporation’ by Jeremy Chance (pp. 24-28)

‘Two Trainings on Time’ (pp. 29-31)

‘From Student to Trainee – A life changing decision’ (pp. 33-35)

‘Hidden Pathways’ by Cathy Madden (pp. 36-38)


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