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Direction Vol. 1 No. 8

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Direction Vol. 1 No. 8 - Musicians and Music

35 pages + 8 insert pages. 1992.

‘The Garlick report’ by David Garlick.
‘Playing in a symphony’ by Evangeline Benedetti.
‘Butterfly Soup’ by Vivien Mackie.
‘Blessed helicity – The implications of spiral musculature’ by Troup H. Mathews.
‘How to play Beethoven’ by Mark McGee.
‘Man – The tottering biped – Part 3: What the fossils tell us’ by Phillip Tobias.
‘Stage fright’ by Ulfried Tölle.
‘Conceptions and misconceptions – The F. M. Alexander Technique in music’ by Nelly Ben-Or.
‘Self-help Alexander’ by Robert Rickover.
‘Letter: Viewpoint’ by Riki Alexander.
‘Letter: The head at the end of its tether’ by Alfred J. Flechas Jr.
‘Viewpoint (Alfred Tomatis)’ by Robert M. Rickover.
‘Friends of Alexander: William John Stewart McKay (1866-1948)’ by Margaret Long.

Insert ‘In All Directions’:
‘Workshop: Flying with Farrar: Margaret Farrar’ by Kri Ackers.
‘Alexander goings on – STAT, NASTAT & AUSTAT Newsletters (88-90)’ by Ria Nottle.
‘Medical mischief – Walter Carrington recalls FM’ by Walter Carrington, John Brown.
‘Review: Principles and art of singing: Olga Averino’ by ‘Mr Rogers’.

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