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Direction Vol. 1 No. 10

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Direction Vol. 1 No. 10 - Moving

35 pages + 8 insert pages. 1993.

‘The Garlick report’ by David Garlick.
‘Authentic movement – and the Alexander Technique’ by Aileen Crow.
‘The space between stimulus and response’ by Pippa Bondy.
‘Dancing’ by Marjorie Barstow & Marsha Paludan.
‘As yet untitled’ by Eva Karczag.
‘The actor and the neutral state’ by Joan Diamond.
‘Sometimes wrestling, always dancing’ by Elizabeth Garren.
‘The false self’ by Mark Arnold.
‘Man – The tottering biped – Part 5: The skilled use of the body; section one’ by Phillip Tobias.
‘Dance therapy and the Alexander Technique’ by Linda Murrow.
‘Viewpoint (Cranial osteopathy)’ by Robert Rickover.
‘Friends of Alexander: Heinrich Willhelm Ferdinand Kayser (1833-1919)’ by Margaret Long.

Insert ‘In All Directions’:
‘Presidential poise – Caring for Clinton’ by R. Rickover.
‘The canning of Katz – A training school is deregistered’ by J. de P.
‘Pounding the beat – Walter Carrington recalls F. M.’ by Walter Carrington, John Brown.
‘Alternatives – ATN and ATI’ by J. de P.

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