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Direction Vol. 3 No. 4

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Direction Vol. 3 No. 4 - Paradigms of Self

32 pages. 2005.



‘From good use to adequate use – Exploring the multiperceptual recognition of ‘unbalanced’ use’ (p. 3) by Philippe Cotton.

‘Myth and metaphor – Looking through a glass darkly’ (p. 4) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Refurbishing image-making in actors and others’ (p. 4) by Cathy Madden.

‘The man who mistook his brain for his self – And other tales of the self from neuroscience’ (pp. 19-23) by Glenna Batson.

‘The formulation of an Alexander lesson – An illustrated guide for the perplexed – Part three’ (pp. 24-26) by Melvyn Waldman.

‘Creating new neurological pathways to find freedom from post traumatic stress disorder’ (pp. 27-29) by Mary Gallagher.

‘Self-management in the workplace – Procedures and principles at work’ (pp. 30-33) by Peter Ribeaux.

‘Letter: Direction – A journal on the Alexander Technique?’ (p. 34) by Diana Devitt-Dawson.


Insert ‘In All Directions’:

‘Fresh voices – Alexander training institute of Los Angeles’ (pp. 1, 2 -insert) by Al Warsh.

‘Obituary: Erika Whittaker 1911-2004’ (pp. 1, 4 -insert) by Jackie Evans.

‘Review: The elements of skill: Theodore Dimon, Jr.’ (p. 2 -insert) by unsigned.

‘How does Alexander teaching work? – Intention, empathy and the mirror neurons’ (p. 3) by Grant Dillon.

‘Review: Guitar playing and how it works – The whole guitarist: Peter Inglis’ (p. 3 -insert) by unsigned.

‘Walking through life with greater ease’ (pp. 3, 6 -insert) by Tim Brennan.

‘Review: F. M. – The life of Frederick Matthias Alexander: Michael Bloch’ (p. 4 -insert) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Review: From stress to freedom: Anthony Kingsley et al’ (p. 5 -insert) by Grant Dillon.

‘AUSTATNews roundup’ (p. 5 -insert) by Louise Gauld.

‘Review: Everyday magic: Vivien Singer Schapera’ (p. 6 -insert) by Francesca Greenoak.

‘STATNews roundup – Vol. 6, issues 11-12’ (p. 7 -insert) by Franis Engel.

‘A brief biography of Alan Murray – The first Alexander teacher in Australia after F. M. and A. R.’ (p. 8 -insert) by Alex Nicolson.

‘Walter remembers – Visionary lesson’ (p. 9 -insert) by Walter Carrington, Conrad Brown.

‘AmSAT News roundup – Spring, summer, fall 2003 – issues 59-61’ (p. 11 -insert) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Mis Direction’ (p. 12 -insert) by Eileen Troberman.

‘Freemail – Ah, whispered ah’ (p. 12 -insert) by Kay Hooper.


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